What Is A Suspended Bridge Crane Used For?

If you want to use a new crane at your facility, overhead bridge cranes might be exactly what you need. Also referred to as a suspended bridge Crane, these are either going to be single girder or double girder cranes, capable of lifting a large amount of weight. Some of these are portable, such as a portable gantry crane, whereas others are installed inside of where houses and workshops. They will have a girder overhead, and attached to this will be a trolley, pulley and a winch. The one that you want might be one of the portable units. These are the many uses for a suspended bridge crane that you can purchase in the next few days.

How Do These Cranes Work?

Similar to all other gantry cranes(todos grua puente weihua), they are designed with a couple support beams on either end of a beam up above. The beam is called a girder, and it can either be a single or a double girder(grua biriel puente) construction, the latter of which will allow you to lift much more weight. If this is a portable unit, there will be wheels, allowing you to maneuver this where it needs to go. They will also come in many different sizes, each of which will be installed and used in a certain way.

What If These Are Mobile Units?

If these are mobile units, you will typically use these within a large area such as a workshop for a warehouse. You will maneuver this to the loads that you need to lift up. Once they are suspended in the air, you can transition them using the trolley. The lifting capacity can be anywhere from half a ton, going to 75 tons or more. The mobility factor is almost always associated with a smaller gantry crane. If this is a larger unit, you will have this installed at your facility.

The Specific Use For Suspended Bridge Cranes

When these are installed, they will be within an enclosed area(mejor grua aerea). This will typically be a very long hanger of some sort. The loads will be lifted up, and subsequently shifted from side to side. These are areas where trucks can drive in to be loaded and unloaded. They will almost always have a trolley. This is the mechanism that is connected to the girder that forms the top of this apparatus. The controls will be remote controls in some cases, whereas others will have a control panel that will allow you to use the system.

Since these cranes are used indoors, you will need to measure the width of the crane that you are going to purchase. If it doesn’t match up with the size of your hanger, you might have to spend extra money creating a separate system so it can be put together. Doing so will likely limit the amount of space that you have inside. That’s why taking measurements, and making a special order, is the best decision you can make. You will soon have the ability to start moving more loads than ever before with your suspended bridge crane(precio de puente gruas).